Indoor Golf Business

Make Money With Indoor Golf Simulators

A golf simulator provides two selling points for customers. It can be used as a teaching or learning tool to work on a specific golf swing with or without an instructor, or used for enjoyment to play holes or rounds when you don’t have time to get out on the course or the weather won’t let you.

Now Is The Time To Look At Your Local Area

Indoor golf is becoming more and more popular for several reasons.

More golf courses are closing due to the high demand of quality building land or increased operating costs which have to be passed on to the member.

Above all Golfers are increasingly become time poor as more emphasis is put on spending quality family time rather than 5 hours on the golf course.

An Indoor Golf Centre Caters For These Needs

Giving Golfers the opportunity to play on worlds top golf courses anytime of day – what ever the weather.

We can supply you with everything you need to open a indoor golf centre in your area at a very competitive investment level giving you an excellent return on investment.

How Can We Help

Having made this journey we know we can provide help and advice throughout the process. From location selection to design to opening. On going support to help your new business succeed. Come and check out our working business model and share in our success.

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Jamie playing Cabot Cliff

TGC 2019 – Using the Practice Facilities

Practice Shot Shaping

Golf Simulator Putting